Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes!! And they’re Gluten Free!! Virtual high five! I mentioned in my last gluten free post about gluten free banana bread, I haven’t mustered up the courage to create my own gluten free dessert recipe. Unless of course, the recipe doesn’t include flour all together. That wouldn’t be too hard lol. So, until I stop being a punk, I’ll share recipes that I find in cook books and what not. Hope you don’t mind.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes”

Oatmeal Berry Cookies

Happy Sunday! Today, I present to you, Oatmeal Berry Cookies. It’s a simple cookie recipe that includes dried cranberries and raisins.  I added cranberries to this oatmeal raisin recipe because, why not? LOL. I considered adding dried cherries too but I think I’ll save that for a different cookie recipe (stay tuned).  There really wasn’t a need to add the cherries because these cookies are packed with raisins and cranberries.  I LOVE soft, chewy cookies and I’ve mastered that with this recipe. Also, they’re not too sweet and the berry oatmeal ratio is right on point.  Continue reading “Oatmeal Berry Cookies”

Gluten Free Banana Bread

I at times sell or give away the dessert I bake. I bake too much to eat it all myself. I can’t count the number of times people have asked me if I bake gluten free desserts. For a long time, I’d say, “nope!” Plain ole flour is my best friend. But one day, while visiting my dad and rummaging through his belongings to see what I could steal, I mean borrow…I found a gluten free baking recipe book. I was a little surprised because one, my he doesn’t ever bake anything and two, he’s not on a gluten free diet. So, I asked if he bought the book for me and he replied, “Yea, I think so”. Of course he did! Why else would he buy it?  There’s some science behind gluten free dessert that I honestly do not understand. So, until I figure it out, I’ll bake recipes from Gluten Free Baking recipe book, where I’ve found this recipe that I’m sharing. Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Bread”

Broccoli Salad

Crisp, sweet, and tangy. That’s what comes to mind when I take a bite of this broccoli salad. I like to bring this to pot lucks, cook outs, and holiday parties as it’s a healthy option but still sweet enough for those who may not be a fan of veggies. Plus, it’s a different option than just a regular salad. Who doesn’t like to switch things up a bit?  The combination of tart cranberries marries well with the sweet dressing. Use a sugar substitute if you want to make this sugar free.You can even add bacon bits to take it to another level of deliciousness.   This is best served the same day it’s made. You and your guests won’t be disappointed.  Continue reading “Broccoli Salad”

7UP Cake

Happy New Year! Wow,  this is my first post of the year and I’m so excited about 2018. I started this blog two years ago. It took me a year to write my first post. I remember when I only had a  domain name and a passion to bake. I had no idea how to create a blog so I searched for blog classes. I happened to find one at a community college in New York City. I drove four hours to attend a one day class. I hate driving in NY traffic but I was determined to learn and knew I probably wouldn’t teach myself. I also did some research on my own online and bought two informative books,  Food Blogging for Dummies, and Focus on Food Photography for Bloggers. So, after a year of procrastinating, I jumped right in and wrote my first blog post, a recipe for  Sock it to me cake.  That seems like forever ago. You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post many blogs last year. I was busy with other life adventurers. But, I’m determined to make focus more this year. My resolution is to make Happiness Tastes like Cake! a favorite among blog readers and home cooks.  Continue reading “7UP Cake”

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

The holidays are over. I can finally breath! Now, all I have to worry about is where I’m going to party for New Year’s Eve and how am I going to lose this holiday weight I’ve gained. Well, I don’t know the calorie content for this cheddar broccoli soup but it’s vegetarian and that counts for something, right? This soup is creamy and cheesy. You can never have too much cheese. And it’s so easy to make it your own. If you want more of a kick, just add some red pepper flakes. Add bacon if you want a little meat. Or throw in some potato for a hearty soup. There’s enough soup for about 4-5 people so it’s definitely a great family meal for Meatless Monday. There are endless possibilities with this soup as it’s a great base for a variety of  add on’s. And since it’s winter, this is the right time to cook something to keep warm.  It’s the perfect night in dinner. Just grab a blanket,  turn on Netflix and enjoy.  Continue reading “Cheddar Broccoli Soup”

Coconut Macaroons

Happy Holidays! Here’s a last minute recipe for those of you may want something other than gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  Are you gluten free or have a GF guest coming by? These are a tasty option especially for coconut lovers. These cookies are one one my new favs. They are chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. For added flare, I added almond extract because what goes better with coconut and chocolate? It’s the perfect love triangle, don’t you agree?  Continue reading “Coconut Macaroons”

Baking is a Science Experiment part 1

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You gathered all your ingredients, have a fool proof recipe, and you’re all prepare to bake an awesome three layer cake for the office pot luck and wow all your coworkers (who you don’t even like very much) with your semi-professional baking skills. That was your intention. Not real life, tho. I’ve been there. But I’m not going to write about the time I forgot to add sugar to my chocolate cupcakes. Or the time I forgot to add eggs to my cheesecake. Or the time I confused confectioner’s sugar for flour when I made cookies. Nope…you don’t need to know all that. Any who….

Just in case you didn’t already know, baking is completely different from cooking. You may have figured this out if you’ve tried to bake something from scratch and it was a catastrophic mess. Think of baking as a science experiment. There are a lot of technicality when it comes to baking. There are tons of simple, easy, and excuse my language….BOX recipes that decrease the chances of bake good failure. However, baking really isn’t that difficult if you remember to do a couple simple steps.  Even so, here is a short list of  do’s and don’ts for baking that will make the process a go little smoother. 

Continue reading “Baking is a Science Experiment part 1”

Vegan Vanilla Almond Cupcakes

Best vegan cupcakes I’ve ever had. And I know you’ll love them too. Several years ago, I was an organizer for a women’s social group. Because I’m passionate about food and dessert, it only made sense that most of the activities I hosted were centered around food. So, I organized a cupcake baking class at a quaint local restaurant. I didn’t realize until after we arrived at the restaurant that we were going to bake vegan cupcakes. For those who are unsure, veganism is abstaining from eating and using animal products. This recipe is great for those who have an egg or dairy allergy. 
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Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

It’s just about that time of year! I may be jumping the gun a little bit, but I figured if stores can start selling Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy in August, then why can’t I enjoy pumpkin spice in my food? My friend said she’s not going to have pumpkin flavored anything until the first official day of Fall. Well, I just can’t wait that long. Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice Pancakes”